Here you will find updates for Jr. Faculty Members. If you are part of our Jr. Faculty this 2021/2022 season this is where you will find important updates & docs.

Jr. Faculty & Teacher Assistant Handbook

October 20th Update

Check back tomorrow afternoon for a video of choreography to learn.

October 13th Update

Homecoming Parade

October 29th

ECPAC was invited to participate in the homecoming parade. I would love to have Jr. Faculty represent ECPAC! It is short notice, but all the more reason to have my right hand helper participate! I will be recording a short routine for you guys to learn to perform. If you are in high school dance line you will not need to participate.

No stress, this will be so much fun!

Little Stars

Sunday December 5th

If you are a TA for a class that is 7 years or younger your class will be beginning choreography in the coming weeks. You will need to know this for their performance. You will also need to write this choreography down in your TA notebooks. If you are unable to attend the actual little stars performance you will need to find a replacement for you, for that day to help your class. If you do not TA a class that is performing in little stars show, but would like to help out please let me know as well.

1 Day Camp Sign ups 

Time Sheets

If you haven’t turned in your September time cards please do so into the finished folder. 

Remember going forward we will only be turning them in at the end of the month from now on. So ALL of your classes for the month will go on 1 time sheet!


Evaluations will begin next Monday 10/18 & Carey over through Friday 10/29. I will either come into class to watch or I’ll be on zoom to evaluate. Your teacher that you TA for will also be evaluating you as well! 

Compensation Form

Jr. Faculty Gear

Below you will find the link to fill out for your Jr. Faculty Gear!

I would like to have these done for you guys ASAP, but defiantly by little stars performance in December!